About CAE

Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE) is a national aeronautical research organization with headquarters in Beijing. Founded in 1960, CAE has established an advanced research system by establishing 36 institutes and research centers located in different Chinese cities. Authorized by the state government, CAE is also the national contact point and coordinator of international cooperation of aeronautical science and technology under the government frameworks of international scientific cooperation.

CAE is committed to improving the advanced aeronautical science and technology under the principle of Exploration, Innovation, Opening and Sharing within areas including but not limited to fundamental and applied research construction and operation of national facilities; development of numerical tools; conduction of system integration and study of new conceptual configurations with demonstration.

CAE is planning and issuing Aeronautical Science Foundation to institutes and universities national wide. CAE has also a graduate school for the post-graduate education of Master and Doctoral degrees in aerospace science. CAE published an aeronautical technology journal in China.

CAE has established a broad friendly relationship with many international aviation research organizations, such as NASA of US, DLR of Germany, ONERA of France, NLR of the Netherlands,TsAGI of Russia, etc. and have explored mutual and multilateral cooperation to develop scientific and technological research in green aviation. CAE is the national member of international aerospace associations such as IFAR and associate member of ICAS.