President's Note

Welcome to the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE) website!

CAE aims to build China’s leading aviation research system and is committed to Exploration, Innovation, Opening and Sharing.

CAE is dedicated to the “Strategic, Comprehensive, Advanced, Fundamental and Common” research in aeronautical and aviation science and technology. Besides performing national major research and innovation projects by integrating domestic resources, CAE is the leading force of aviation science and technology cooperation with the global society to conduct bilateral, multilateral and coordination of inter-governmental cooperation.

CAE is a graduate education and degree granting organization approved by the State Council. 24 CAE research institutes act as graduate education units. There are a great number of experienced scientific, engineering and research personnel in CAE. acting as supervisors, including academicians. About 200 candidates will receive their Master and Doctoral degrees from CAE each year.

Welcome to join us for seeking innovative solutions to the challenges from the future sustainable aviation.

Prof. SUN Cong


Chinese Aeronautical Establishment