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CAE, NLR and DNW Signed the MoA Extension and a Project MoU During 2017 Paris Air Show

On June 20th, 2017, a signing ceremony between the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE) and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) from the Netherlands, and between CAE and the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) is held at the AVIC Chalet during the 52th Paris Airshow. CAE President Dr. Zhang Xinguo, NLR General Director Mr. Michel Peters, DNW Deputy-Director Mr. Christophe Hermans and other relevant leaders and experts of all sides attended the ceremony along with domestic and foreign mainstream media.

CAE, founded in 1960, is committed to improving the advanced aeronautical science and technology under the principle of Exploration, Innovation, Opening and Sharing. Authorized by the Chinese government, CAE is the coordinator for aeronautical international scientific and technological cooperation under the government frameworks and has a strong partnership with the domestic and international aerospace academic and research organizations. 
NLR, the national organization for applied Aerospace Research & Development in the Netherlands, is a non-profit impartial research enterprise founded in 1919. NLR has a long record and experience in aeronautical research & development and supports primarily the Dutch aerospace industry and government with innovative solutions in all aspects from aircraft design, manufacturing, operation up to air traffic management. NLR supports most aircraft manufacturers around the world and has the ambition to further expand their global partnerships.

DNW, jointly founded and owned by The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and NLR, is the operator of a globally renowned group of wind tunnels in Germany and the Netherlands with the state-of-the-art measurement techniques.  Most aircraft manufacturers trust their newest design to the professionals of DNW. DNW has been a reliable partner of many Chinese civil aerospace programs.

CAE and NLR signed the bilateral strategic cooperation agreement on the 49th Paris Air Show in 2011. Since then, fruitful results have been achieved by cooperation in many aspects such as aerodynamics, advance composite material and air traffic management. Meanwhile, both sides are actively exploring new cooperation areas like propeller slip stream, structural strength and system engineering. CAE and NLR are also looking for opportunities under the China-EU and China-Netherlands government framework for aviation technology cooperation. The MoA extension signed today aims to enforce the bilateral agreement and continue the productive cooperation built up in the last 6 years.

According to the contract signed by CAE Flight Physics Research Center, and DNW in the 50th Paris Air Show in 2013, the Aerodynamics Validation Model designed by CAE (named CAE-AVM) was fabricated in NLR and the first phase wind tunnel test was performed in DNW. The aerodynamic performance of the model was verified and detailed test data was provided to validate the CAE in-house CFD software AVICFD. This model was also applied to the first CAE-DNW Workshop on CFD-Wind Tunnel Correlation Study and achieved good results. The project MoU to be signed this time is aimed to continue the fruitful cooperation in the second phase of research on the CAE-AVM model in the coming years.

CAE, NLR, DNW have successfully signed bilateral cooperation agreements, technical contracts or MOUs in every Pairs Air Show since 2011 and have established a deep friendship through working closely with each other. The MOA extension and project MoU signed this time show the three parties’ willingness of jointly seeking the solutions to the future challenges of green aviation.